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GTS, the most remarkable & luxurious bike with highly advanced technology. it's the combination of comfort & power with its 300CC HPE ( High Performance Engine ) and considered the safest bike due to its weight and options such as ABS & ASR.

New Liberty

The Piaggio New Liberty seamlessly integrates elegant design with advanced technology, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey. It stands as a testament to Piaggio's dedication to innovation and superior craftsmanship in the realm of urban scooters, transforming every trip into an enjoyable experience. This model adheres to the 2022 EUR specs and boasts a 150CC engine, blending regulatory compliance with powerful performance.


The Piaggio One Active Electric, a sleek and silent scooter, is perfect for city riding, showcasing Piaggio's commitment to eco-friendly urban travel. It meets 2022 EUR specs, comes with a 3Kw battery, and offers three driving modes: Eco, Sport, and Reverse, blending efficiency with versatility for the modern rider.

Special Edition

The Vespa x Justin Bieber Sprint combines Vespa's iconic design with Justin Bieber's modern style, creating a standout scooter for trendsetters. This partnership highlights a distinctive aesthetic and top-notch performance, ideal for making a bold statement. Compliant with the 2022 EUR specs and equipped with a 150CC engine, it offers a blend of style and power perfect for those looking to make an impact.


*A TIMELESS CLASSIC* An iconic symbol of its times, the Vespa Primavera zips through twenty-first century streets with the same agility and dynamism today as the original legend that revolutionised urban mobility during the Swinging Sixties

Piaggio Beverly

The Piaggio Beverly, with its 2022 EUR specs and a powerful 300CC engine, caters to enthusiasts seeking a sportier ride. Matching the Vespa GTS in features, it offers advanced safety, comfort, and agile handling, perfect for riders who prioritize performance and style. This scooter combines the thrill of sporty dynamics with the sophistication of Italian design, making it an ideal choice for those who want more than just a conventional ride.

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